Wednesday, June 3, 2009

About me


Once upon a time, I was a successful appellate lawyer who worked mostly on underdog sorts of cases. Without really realizing it, but without regret, I let that life slip away. Now I spend most of my time on volunteer efforts to try to bring clergy accountability to Baptist-land and to support clergy abuse survivors.

When I see myself described as "the public face" of Baptist sex abuse survivors, I ponder how in the world that happened. I can look back and see the steps: ABC 20/20's "Preacher Predators" program spotlighting me, newspapers across the country quoting me, and radio call-in shows talking with me. But that doesn't really explain the "how" of it, because I'm basically a shy person. Maybe it's because I've always liked "Powdermilk Biscuits." You know the kind I'm talking about — the kind that "give shy people the strength to get up and DO what needs to be done." (Hat tip to Garrison Keillor. I'm a Prairie Home Companion fan.)

I figure I can rightly call myself a runner even though I'm slow. I've completed five half-marathons, and once in a 5-K, I even managed to place second in my age-category. It was a rainy, cold, miserable day, but I showed up and slogged through it. Now my goal is to win a first-place medal when I'm 85. I figure if I pick an awful enough day, and show up, I might just stand a chance.

Coffee is my biggest vice. Whether it's a cortado, latté, cappuccino, or café crème, I'm always happy with hot java in my hand. Grab a cup for yourself and let me know what your thoughts are. You can leave a comment on this blog or on my StopBaptistPredators blog.

My husband and I are native Texans, and sometimes it shows. Our daughter just graduated from college, and she crossed the stage wearing cowgirl boots with her cap and gown. I guess we raised her right.

Happy trails.

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